The Greenhouse is open...Our Trees have arrived!!

Come in to our Telkwa or Houston location to see

a wide variety of trees and shrubs.


At Bulkley Valley Home Centre we carry gardening and farming supplies that meet the needs of the average homeowner as well as those in the gardening and farming industries. From the smallest DIY projects to the largest commercial builds, you'll find the supplies you need from quality brands at great prices.


Garden Supply

Garden Supply

If you wish to build your own greenhouse, we stock clear Palruff (vinyl) and Suntuff (polycarbonate) panels from Palram. These make outstanding greenhouse sides and roofs.

When the spring growing season arrives, the greenhouses at both stores are filled with bedding plants, shrubs and trees. We supply gardeners with plants and accessories and a lot of good advice from our plant specialists. Our seasonal department stocks a range of soils, organic fertilizers, lawn seed, a wide selection of pots and ornaments, and all the tools necessary to make a productive garden, greenhouse or landscape project.

Be sure to request a quote for all your garden needs.

Farming Supply

Farm Supply

Agriculture is still an important part of the economy of the Bulkley Valley. Bulkley Valley Home Centre continues to stock a range of agricultural products including farm feeds and vet supplies, forage and grain seed, baler twine and silage wrap, animal fencing materials including treated posts, barbed wire and rolled wire products, cattle watering and handling equipment, poly-waterline, culverts, barn poles and electric fence components.

Whatever you need, we can deliver it straight to your farm.

Supplies For farms and rural properties include:

  • Treated Fence Posts
  • Fence Wire  (barbed, barbless, smooth, chained links, utility, non-climb and chicken)
  • Gates, Panels 
  • Farm Feeds, Minerals and Salt
  • Veterinary Supplies
  • Barn Poles
  • Hydro Service Poles 
  • Seed and Fertilizers
  • Water Line
  • Culverts
  • Septic and Water Storage Tanks