Lumber & Plywood

We stock a full line of kiln-dried construction-grade and pressure-treated lumber. We also stock some appearance-grade lumber and specialty products. We offer discounted pricing on full lifts of lumber in any grade, subject to availability. Lift lot pricing is updated weekly and we invite you to call for current numbers. For rough sawn timbers, we have a relationship with several local sawyers who cut to order.

We are noted for availability and fair pricing of plywood and Oriented Strand Board (OSB) for sheathing and sub-floors. Like lumber, we offer lift lot pricing on plywood and OSB and these numbers are updated weekly.

The following 4 X 8 foot panels are regular stock:


Square Edge Tongue & Groove Tongue & Groove Select
Spruce 3/8"   1/2"   5/8"   3/4" 5/8"
Fir G1S   1/4"   3.8"  1/2"  5/8"  3/4" 5/8"    3/4"
Pressure Treated 3/8"    1/2"    5/8"    3/4"
Form Plywood 3/4"




1/2"    3/4"



OSB  3/8"    7/16"     15/32"    19/32"    23/32"


We regularly special order non-stocking lumber and plywood for customers who require full lifts. Contact us. Request a quote today!

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