Drywall & Insulation

Drywall and insulation and related products are always available at competitive prices. Our stocking drywall panels are as follows:


1/2" Regular  4x8, 4x10, 4x12, 54x12 
1/2" Ceiling Board  4x12 
1/2" Moisture Resistant  4x8 
5/8" Fireguard  4x8, 4x10, 4x12

Vinyl coated drywall is specially ordered and usually less than 5 days out. We have vinyl colour and texture samples at both stores.

We stock the most popular drywall brands, Synko drywall compounds, CGC Dust Control compound, and drywall sealer.

Your Insulation Alternatives

Fiberglass Batts

BV Home Centre carries Owens Corning "pink" fiberglass batt insulation in the following R-values and widths. Square footages covered by each bag are in brackets.

R12  15" (88.1) 23" (135.1) 
16" (steel stud) (106.5)
R20  15" (49) 23" (75.1)
R22  15" (49) 23" (75.1)
R28  16" (53.3) 24" (80)
R40  24" (48)

Mineral Wool Batts

As an alternative to fiberglass, BV Home Centre now stocks Roxul mineral wood insulation in the following R-values and widths.

R14 15" (59.7) 23" (60.1)
R22 15" (39.8) 23" (38.5)
Safe&Sound 15" (59.7)

Blow-in Fiberglass

For customers who would like to save money by blowing-in their own attic insulation, we stock Owens Corning's Atticat blow-in expanding insulation and we have blow-in machines for rent in both our Houston and Telkwa stores. This is a easy, clean and cost-effective alternative to batting an attic or hiring a blow-in contractor. With the square footage of your attic and your desired R-value, we can quickly calculate the number of bags required and the cost. This link may also be helpful in determining if this is the right product for you.

Rigid Insulation

We also stock  Dow ("blue") rigid styrofoam insulation. Products include SM for below ground application, Cladmate for above ground and underneath siding and Wallmate for lining basement walls. These products come in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and prices. The thermal value of all our rigid insulation is R5 per inch of thickness.

For more information on the brands we carry, click on the vendor links below. Contact usRequest a quote today!

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